This is a HOW TO PLAY page for all of the games ported here from my Scratch account.

These games are best played with Google Chrome or other Chromium browsers.

HOW 2 PLAY: DEATHCATS and Where's Waldo?

These are simple, top-down shoot-em-ups.

Where's Waldo? is a boss fight against Waldo. DEATHCATS is a
singleplayer deathmatch against acomputer-controlled foe.

Both control using WASD to move and Spacebar to shoot, with the Mouse used to aim. This makes them PC-Only games.


This is a game in which you keep the ball off of the ground.

Use A and D to move left and right, use W to jump. Spacebar
initiates your "Shine Spark," a reflector that can hit the volleyball.